Get Your Heat Pump in 3 Easy Steps:


A single heat pump heats a single area or room, a multi-system heats 2, 3 or 4 areas, while a ducted heating system heats your entire home. Depending on the size of your home and the number of rooms you want to heat, New Zealand Heat Pumps will help you find the right heating solution.

Today's heat pumps have a variety of features. But these basic requirements are vital no matter what heat pump you choose:


Choose a brand you can trust. Consider the warranty; Fujitsu offer the longest warranty in New Zealand, covering 6 Years full parts and labour when your heat pump is installed by a Fujitsu Accredited Installer.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency means lower running costs and a healthier environment. Heat pumps are the most efficient form of heating, but different brands have different levels of efficiency too. Check the Energy Star logo and EECA ratings before you buy.

Quiet Operation

Most heat pumps are quiet indoors as the only sound comes from the fan. You'll find the decibel levels of our heat pumps in the brochure specifications. 

The process is simple, call us or email an enquiry and book us in for a free assessment. We will advise you of the optimum solution for your home, upon our visit we will discuss with you the specific heating/cooling needs you have and your expectations of the system to be installed in your home. We will then produce a quote for you to consider, this will be followed up with a curtesy call about 1 week later to allow all the detail to be absorbed and often there are questions and options which can be selected or de-selected once you've absorbed the majority of the information. eg. you may want to add motorized dampers to isolate rooms when not in use.
So make sure you consider a ducted system when thinking about your home heating, for anyone building a new home we promise you it is a worth while exercise for the money. See what some of our customers have said about their experience with New Zealand Heat Pumps: Testimonials.

1. Contact New Zealand Heat Pumps using our contact form or call free 0800 200 400

2. New Zealand Heat Pumps will provide a full free assessment.

3. Consider the quote.

4. New Zealand Heat Pumps will contact you and discuss your response to the quote.

Split Systems

Nearly all heat pumps are split systems - that means they have an outdoor unit - which contains the compressor, and a discreet indoor unit that contains the fan that circulates the warm air (or cool air in the summer).

These units are designed to be discreet both in appearance and operation. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, which is the busy part. The indoor unit simply has a fan to circulate the warm or cold air as required. The indoor environment is then quieter, with the equipment arranged like this. Choose the indoor type and model that suits you best.

Hi-Wall Splits

The most popular models. These slim, elegant and whisper quiet indoor units can be mounted unobtrusively on a wall.

They all offer advanced technology, including remote control, reverse cycle, sleep and digital timer, and moisture removal, and some offer additional features - check the brochures on this site to choose the features that you want.

Ceiling Wall - Nocria

These units are exclusive to Fujitsu, and are designed to sit very high on the wall, just below the ceiling and above eye-line, to remain unobtrusive. They can also be used successfully in low ceiling situations.

They offer the exclusive automatic filter cleaner and world first fan technology. They are top energy savers, as well as being whisper quiet, with all the features you need, such remote control, timers, large airflow and New Zealand's longest warranty.

Compact Cassettes

The most discreet option, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. They provide heating and cooling in a range of capacities. Latest fan technology distributes conditioned air through 2, 3 or 4 sides, with adjustable directional flaps.

The Fujitsu compact cassette is unobtrusive, yet efficient and very effective. Features include 2, 3 or 4 way air distribution, brilliant airflow to reach the whole room, built-in timers, remote control and optional wired (wall) controllers.

Floor Standing

Floor standing these units look like a conventional gas or night storage heater. They are lightweight and ultra slim, and offer a full range of capacities, offering quiet, but powerful operation.

Ducted Systems

A layer split system that heats (or cools in Summer) your whole home. The compressor unit can be stores outside, or in your roof space. The warm (or cool) air is distributed via insulated ducting connected to ceiling or floor units. Ducting is the ultimate invisible solutions for year round comfort, which adds luxury as well as value to your home.

Plasma Filters

These clever filters reduce dust and dirt in the air, as well as absorbing unpleasant household odours like kitchen and pet smells.

Self-Cleaning Filters

This is a Fujitsu world exclusive - an automatic filter that cleans itself, sterilises dirt and dust and therefore refreshes the air, as well saving energy wasted by dirty filters. This feature is exclusive to the Nocria model range.


Other Technology Includes

• Remote control
• Reverse cycle
• Sleep and digital timer
• Moisture removal