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Pulling together some great Christmas gift ideas was a tough challenge for this Christchurch owned and operated Air conditioning business, however they’ve actually done it!

New Zealand Heat Pumps was established 10 years ago by Aaron Trotter and his brother Nathan. While Nathan is no longer involved, he, Aaron and his team of six have built up a reputation for quality, service and industry innovation.

“We know that Heat Pumps are a significant investment for our customers. If your unit is well cared for and enhanced with the latest technology, you can enjoy optimum performance for the longest life of the unit”, says Aaron Trotter Managing Director.

The new Fujitsu e3 series has integrated Wifi. Established models can also be enhanced to give full control of your heat pump to anyone, anywhere at anytime, through a smartphone or tablet. “Wifi is really popular for people who don’t get on well with, or lose their hand held remotes. Landlords are finding it a more workable solution in their rentals too” Aaron says.

Julie Wright arranges Wifi provision in her customer service role. Julie says “Customers love the flexibility, ease and cost saving potential of digital control. There’s real advantage in being able to operate a unit on behalf of family members or your workplace. We’re always happy to provide advice to people, so don’t hesitate to give us a call on 366 2533. We’d love to hear from you”.

Alongside service, clean and upgrade offers through December, New Zealand Heat Pumps are working closely with Fujitsu to make sure there are some great prices for new heat pump purchases too. In most parts of the world, heat pumps are primarily used for cooling so you can upgrade or add to your air conditioning before the next heatwave.

Offer Terms & Conditions

Note: this special price is only available to Christchurch properties.


  • This special offer is available until the end of October 2017
  • Site visit required for heat pump installs  to confirm correct size for area of installation (or from plans submitted)
  • New heat pumps may be installed outside of these dates as long as your deposit is received by October 31, 2017
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